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Compost Pick Up Service

Athens, GA

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Weekly pickup of your food scraps and compostables,  starting at $20 a month

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Get your Bucket

Sign up online and we will deliver a bucket to your doorstep that week

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Fill it up 

 What can I compost? Here is a list of items that we accept 

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We pick it up

We swap your bin with a clean one each week. 

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You make a Difference

Composting helps divert materials from landfills, repairs soil and has the potential to be used in future products 

If interested in compost pick up service for multiple units in your dorm or apartment building, please email 


Start Composting.


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If interested in compost pick up service for multiple units in your dorm or apartment building, please email 


The goal of Compostia is to turn local waste streams, such as your compost, into usable products. Rather than going to a landfill to rot, organic materials can be recycled into new products and complete the cycle of sustainability.


Compostia is currently gathering local waste streams to experiment with creating new materials. We are especially excited to be experimenting with a bioleather waste stream from Figment Kombucha here in Athens.




Here are a few more examples of waste streams being turned into usable, new materials. These products inspire us to experiment and invovate using our own local waste streams as a resource. 

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Mi Zhou Soap pack  bottles  are an alternative to the plastic packaging of shampoo and soaps. The bottles are cast from soap and lined with beeswax. Once the contents are gone, the bottle can be used as soap.


 Peel Saver is an ecological packaging for fries made from recycled potato skins, as a sustainable alternative to paper.

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Feel the Peel 3D Printer makes bioplastic out of orange peels and uses it to 3D print cups to drink the juice. The “Feel the Peel” prototype strives to bring environmental circularity to everyday life.



John Macbride

Owner of Compostia LLC, Master Composter 

I have been composting for over a decade, worked for Athen's 1st compost company, Let Us Compost, for over 4 years and I am an ACC Master Composter. When LUC closed in late 2019, I knew I wanted to continue its mission while also bringing about innovation in compostable products. 


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How Is My PickUp Day Decided?

When you join Compostia, a pickup day will be given to you. If you'd like to know your day, check the map below*. You will be emailed your official day after signing up, and receive your first containers within 7 days.  

*may not be accurate for addresses near area borders

Green- Monday, Yellow-Tuesday, Purple- Wednesday, Red- Thursday

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Can I Change My Pick Up Day?

If you have any issue with your pick up day, contact me at info@compostia. There may, indeed, be a way to alter your day. 

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

Visit the payment portal at Moonclerk and follow the instructions to cancel. After cancellation, please leave your bucket out on your scheduled day for its final pickup.


Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm


Phone: (706) 250-1007


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